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Clown Ethics

Cowtown Clowns Alley 135 - Code of Ethics

It is the responsibility of the clown when representing the Alley to abide by certain guidelines.

  • Once a member takes on an obligation to represent the Alley, he/she will be expected to fulfill that obligation.
  • Clowns should make the best of any situation and not complain about setting, facilities, etc.
  • No profanity, smoking, drinking or abusive behavior is permitted while in the public eye.
  • Costumes should be clean and in good repair and makeup carefully applied.
  • Once makeup and costume are complete, the clown should remain entirely intact until out of the public eye.
  • Be it recommended that clowning is a serious art and all clowns should continually work to upgrade their status.
  • Each new member will be expected to read the Code of Ethics of COAI and Cowtown Clowns.

  Failure to uphold these standards could result in the suspension of the member.

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